Natural anti-inflammatory &
Potent source of omega 3

Made naturally form
New Zealand mussels

Mobilyzer mussel tablets can relieve
your ailments

Mobilyzer natural Green-Lipped Mussel capsules can give you relief from a wide range of health ailments.

Because one capsule of Mobilyzer contains the goodness of one kilogram of raw mussel meat, this mussel extract can provide pain relief by reducing swelling without the side effects such as the reduced blood clotting and gastro-toxicity (ulcers, bleeding, etc.) that is associated with non-steroid anti-inflammatories (NSAIDs) and aspirins.


You can use Mobilyzer health supplement to help your
    body combat:


>    Allergic rhinitis
>    Allergies
>    Diabetes
>    Gout
>    High cholesterol
>    Inflammatory bowel disease
>    Menstrual cycle imbalances
>    Muscle soreness
>    Painful movement


In addition, Mobilyzer mussel concentrate can
    improve your:


>    Auto-immune system
>    Bowel and digestive function
>    Brain function and mental clarity
>    Cardiovascular system
>    Joint function


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